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Dance of the Jellyfish by Leanne LindsayDance of the Jellyfish by Leanne Lindsay

Dance of the Jellyfish by Leanne Lindsay

I found myself there recently, guiding my grandchildren through the intricacies of their new DSLRs in manual mode, at the Sydney Aquarium. One exhibit, however, stopped us all in our tracks. Within a darkened tank, three jellyfish drifted serenely. Their translucent forms, illuminated, revealed intricate details of their ballet skirts and iridescent tentacles. They pulsed with a gentle rhythm, creating the illusion of an underwater ballet. The vibrant colours of their bodies glowed against the inky darkness, a truly captivating spectacle. Their mesmerizing movements held me spellbound. It was no wonder my grandchildren were captivated, their cameras poised to capture the perfect image. These ethereal creatures offered a perfect subject for their photographic exploration, a testament to the wonders that lie beneath the surface. Perhaps, amongst their attempts, they too captured a moment as captivating as this 'Dance of the Jellyfish'.
Flying Through the Water by Leanne LindsayFlying Through the Water by Leanne Lindsay

Flying Through the Water by Leanne Lindsay

The Sydney Aquarium buzzed with excited families, but my grandchildren and I were captivated by a different kind of movement - the enchanting underwater ballet of the little penguins. With my Mirrorless camera in hand and my old DSLR in theirs, I was their patient photography coach, but these tuxedoed dynamos were the true stars. Unlike their larger cousins, these pint-sized swimmers seemed to defy gravity. Their wings propelled them through the water with incredible speed and grace, like tiny rockets dancing and soaring through the depths.
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