The Most Sacred Place, by Ahmed Al.Badawy

This was my first visit to Al-Masjid al-Haram, the most sacred place in the world. It was 1am, a typical night around the Ka’aba. Muslims worldwide turn towards Ka’aba, as unique direction while offering daily prayers. Late at night, when it’s almost empty, it was a good opportunity to see the people's behavior surrounds the Ka’aba, and observed their reactions closely. You can see some people were overtaken by emotion and love, that they simply can't resist rushing towards the Ka'bah and clinging onto the cloth, crying and kissing it with respect, remembering Ibrahim (A.S.), remembering the teaching of Mohammad (Pbuh), the messenger of Allah, that they have followed throughout their life. They are not worshiping it, rather feeling the connection to it. And those who are strong in their understanding, praying the night prayers, or performing a tawaf. To me it’s almost impossible to describe this photo without considering people's feelings there, especially when I was sharing the same feelings.