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Saharan Silhouette, by Nilla Palmer

The uncomfortable 2-hour camel ride across undulating golden sands and never-ending horizons reveals secrets of what the Western Sahara wishes to relinquish. Merzouga our destination, hosts hard sleeping mats in Bedouin tents, which leak. But,…
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Photographer, by Gabriele Ferrazzi

This photo was made in somewhere in the desert between Sudan and Egypt. We drove all day and we decided to stop for the night, just before God had started to paint the sky. Perfect timing to stop, and perfect timing to shot and represent my…

On the way to Sahara, by Sergey Grachev

Absolutely no description necessary except the name of its location! This photograph was taken on the way to Sahara Desert, Tunisia.Award Winner: Photo of the Day | November 25 Photo of the Day Award Category: Travel Photography …