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Hideaway Bay by Sara PlukaardHideaway Bay by Sara Plukaard

Hideaway Bay by Sara Plukaard

This spot is one of my favorites. It is a haven for anyone wanting to get away and a magical spot for photographers to capture the natural and pristine surroundings. I always enjoy the peace and serenity that this place delivers everytime. The bay is located just north of Dingo Beach and remains one of The Whitsundays best kept secrets.
Ski Trail by Ronnie GloverSki Trail by Ronnie Glover

Ski Trail by Ronnie Glover

The Tony Knowles Coastal Trail runs about 10 miles from downtown Anchorage to Kincaid park offering wildlife encounters, and activities of running, walking, biking and cross country skiing. On the section, the groomed cross country ski trail winds through the woods. I liked the "S" shaped composition, the contrast of the dark trees versus the white snow, and the sense of exploration or "what lies ahead?"
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