The Artisans of the Moment

Light & Composition Registered Photographers

To us, our award-winning photographers are special; they are the artisans of the moment. Every month, we will highlight their winning photographs many times with the photographer's interview, in our vast social media. A genuine photographer should get registered with us to obtain the maximum exposure from our photographic network!

Registered Photographer 2019

Ilse Van der Merwe

Ilse Van der Merwe is a South African, living in Indonesia. She has been traveling around the world and photographing her travels with a mobile phone. With a masters degree in forensic social work and a scuba diving instructor, she is happy to see the beauty above and underwater around the world. She is extremely passionate and loves a challenge. With her bubbly personality she snaps many pictures of what people don’t usually see.
Registered Photographer 2019

Anastasia Markus

Anastasia Markus was born in Ukraine in Donetsk, studied business at the university, then became interested in photography, and devoted all her time to it.
Registered Photographer 2019

Adriaan Pretorius

Born in South Africa, but currently living in Kuwait, Adriaan Pretorius expresses his love for food as a passion and an opportunity to bring people together from all walks of live.