Stories of Soul of Cuisines go back a long way.

Countless onions and cloves of garlic have been peeled and minced. Countless recipes have been tried and tasted; each has its own anecdote, each with its own spices and herbs – saffron, turmeric, cinnamon, ginger and pepper. They are stories of making dishes tasty and fulfilling, dishes that go from humble to refined, they are in fact, recounting of many, many meals that unify our family and friends to cook and share their best recipes, and encourage others to share theirs.

Fish Kofta Curry was our first recipe that we published. With the finest taste of fresh water fish in spicy onion gravy, it is a perfect main course serving with steamed or savory Indian rice. It is one of my mom’s signature dishes that she cooked and decorated for us. Not only my mom loves to cook, she is one of the best cooks that I have ever come across; all of her dishes are absolutely delicious.

My mom showed my sister, and me the best way to cook out of anything, from earthy to elegant and everything in between. Yet still, when there is a special occasion we go back to her to get the best. She used to publish recipes back in ’70s in national daily. In fact, many of my recipes are just the mere translation of those. Often she goes through every recipe we have published, ours and from others, and gives her brilliant advice to make them clearer, and practical ones that people most like to cook. Even though many of our recipes represent my voice, my travel experiences, and my photography, Soul of Cuisines would not be possible unless she helped us and gave it a start.

We cannot deny the fact, that this website, our special publications – Mastering Food Photography and From Recipes to Becoming a Chef, most popular kitchen appliances that we give as gifts, and everything that makes Soul of Cuisines is in fact possible for the generous help of many of our friends and family. Their countless support makes us a successful one. If you think you are one them, take cooking as your passion then this is the place to be. Because we believe cooking is an art, and those who learn the art, often their ideas refined a dish through trial and error – make it a special one to tempt even the fussiest palate. It is here in soul of cuisines that we are going to learn them from people who love to share their special dishes with someone they love.

Nasrul Eam
Soul of Cuisines

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