Yohann Libot

Yohann Libot is an established and internationally published photographer. He travels the world to photograph the people, celebrations, icons, lifestyle, and culture those that make each country unique. Most people know him as “Gypsy Photographer,” free-spirited in his ways of working. His photographs have been used around the globe for commercial and editorial purpose, appeared in newspapers, magazines, brochures, advertisements, travel guidebooks, and textbooks. Born in France. Graduated with a MBA in Fashion Marketing, Yohann worked in the marketing field until he become a pro photographer in 2010. He doesn’t have any fancy ass educational degrees or diplomas in photography, He is self-taught, socially awkward but at the same time confident, dominant, lover, fighter, and a little weirdo. Photography is his main source of income, his career, and his passion. He has a unique, dream-like style that he created.

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Fujifilm X-T2
Fujifilm X-T3
Ricoh GR-2
Dji Mavic Pro
GoPro Hero 6

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