Stephane Kyndt

I’m 46 years old , i’m A professional photographer since 23 years. Started with celebrities, shooting them in Los Angeles, and then got back to Paris ( my original town) I had 5 big exhibitions of my art ( portfolio from Los Angeles) I left them in Africa ( Madagascar) for following the presidential election… since I travel between South America and Europe, just got a huge exhibition in Paris at galery Mandarine ( for my reportage with Johnny Hallyday on the road 66)

Current Location
Cali, Colombia




Best Achievements & Exhibitions
Galerie de Nappe ( paris ) artwork from my portfolio of Los Angeles
Galerie one step ( same exhibition)
Lycée Louis le grand ( sale exhibition)
Galerie Mandarine ( Johnny Hallyday )
Future exhibition / museum in Cali ( tertulia)

Award Winner
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Nikon D750, Canon G1x, Fuji Xpro

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