Sol Varghese

I was born in one of the most populous city of India, in! After living in one of the fastest city, spending many years in a corporate world, settled now in Bangalore,India! Being born to a photographer dad, my skills started showing up after my candid photo clicks started getting appreciated! Some photographers who saw my pics, told me there is something that’s inside you that you need to explore more and bring it out! I sensed what they said, and after 13 years in IT, I moved completely into photography, exploring various avenues for the last 3 years now. Learnt, googled, researched and played a lot with my Camera gears! Today, I am more in to Food and Product Photography! But my quest will never end and I wish to fulfil my hearts desires to shoot as much as I can. Not for fame, or pursuit of money, but its because Photography adds an essence to my life and a beautiful meaning, similar to how music is to ones life! Life is complete with visions and the beautiful world created for us! Now, Its not just a passion, but its the way of Life!

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Bangalore, India


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