Satish Kumar

Satish is an avid photographer who also moonlights as an actor and is a professional framer and installer, after having graduated as an mechanical engineer in 2006. Since high school, Satish has been interested in the powerful storytelling medium called photography. He began his foray into this art form as a hobby, shooting and editing stills on his now defunct HTC handphone and having borrowed his friends’ professional cameras to fiddle around with. A few years ago, his then soon-to-be-wife gifted him her dad’s Canon EOS888 – A film camera. This was the beginning of his film and experimentation days. “Film is difficult. You only have that one chance to capture the image and you won’t ever know how it looks till later.” Satish explains.

In 2017, he finally bought a mirrorless digital camera, the Fuji XT-1 and it was here that he was able to grow and progress exponentially as a photographer. Now he is making his way to become a travel photographer.

Current Location
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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Fuji XT 1
Canon EOS888,
Canon 5D

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kiev ttl5, kowa six

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