Pesch Andreas

In the 1960s and 1970s Pesch Andreas took pictures of his class and the environment with SLR in black and white, developing the pictures in the family cellar. Later photography was more and more forgotten. In was around 2015, when Andreas started taking pictures from “Magdeburg Knabenchor” a boy’s choir where his son is singing. Later he took his camera with him, whenever he went out with his dog. With the start of pandemic situation there was more time and wildlife photographing stared to be like hunting: getting good pictures was more and more satisfaction and therefore more good gear had to be bought and more experience had to be made. That’s where he is now and experience will go on.

Current Location
Magdeburg, Germany


Best Achievements, Educational Background, and Exhibitions

Award Winner
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Camera Gears
Sony A1, A7III
Sony 70-200GM, 100-400GM, 200-400G
For wildlife I usually use A1with 200-400G.
24-70GM, 100STF GM for Macro. And
some other gear.

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