Paul Matthews

Born in Fulham, London Paul became first assistant to advertising photographer Malcolm Hulme at the age of 17. Just 3 years later freelancing as an assistant recommended by AFAEP for a number of top advertising shooters including Ray Massey. This was in the glory days of large format film cameras, highly technical as well as highly creative, Adobe had not yet been born. Michael Langford Head of Photography at London’s Royal College of Art became aware of Paul’s personal work and offered an invitation to complete a Masters Degree under his tutelage. Paul continued as an adverting shooter based in London for a host of Ad Agencies and direct to large brands. In the mid to late 90’s Paul traveled extensively in Western and Northern India, trekking in the high Himalaya. Still shooting film and carrying stock won in a Kodak competition he carried his Hasselblad medium format equipment to higher than 5,500 m. It was during his second trip to the Himalaya that Paul met and photographed the renowned Austrian mountaineer and sportsman Heinrich Harrer. Arguably Harrer’s greatest achievement in becoming the tutor and life long friend of the Dalai Lama. In 2009 Paul was offered the role of Senior Producer / Senior Photographer at the most voluminous producer of imagery in Europe, a role that he continued to fill for 10 years. During this time Packshot’s turnover multiplied more than fourfold. In 2018 Paul moved away from production and returned to his first love, creating beautifully composed and lit creative imagery. He currently works across the UK and whilst specialising in all things gastronomic still shoots for a number of automotive and advertising clients.

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