Park Se Jin

Born in Korea, Park was born in Seoul and is currently living in Seoul. He carries a camera with him to film a different day every day. However, he doesn’t plan and shoot specifically. So there are times when he misses too beautiful a scene or a momentary capture, but he’s happy to see it with his eyes and goes around looking for a new one. But he has a new goal. It’s about traveling around the country on a motorcycle and taking a camera of an area other than Seoul.

Current Location
Seoul, Korea



Best Achievements & Exhibitions
– 2018 Uisinseolartstation (Korea)

Award Winner
Photo of the Day

Fujifilm X-H1, Minolta X300

Lenses and Gears
Fujifilm: 35mm F2
Minolta: 50mm F1.4

Some of Park Se Jin’s Most Popular Award Achievements