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I would like to take a few minutes of your time and introduce myself. My name is Kristin Jenderny, most people call me Krissy. Live in Hillsdale, WI., married for 15 years, with 3 adult children and one granddaughter. Live on a hobby farm, which is considered a farm with small animals, such as chickens, ducks, rabbits and so forth. If you ask me if I am a country girl, the answer is yes, from the day I was born. What I do in my free time besides spending time with my family and working in a screen-printing shop part-time? I go to church as much as I can. I work out, one or two times a day, read novels daily, take pictures of everything, travel as much as I can, love to be outside, and I have a huge garden with artistic twist to it. I spend a lot of time there, so I made it fun.
The reason I decided to go back to school was, after I got into a horrible ATV accident, May 26, 2018. I broke my clavicle and 5 ribs, in results of the accident. The doctors said, I more less was broken in half. I had to have surgery on my clavicle, which I ended up with a huge plate with 12 screws. I had a lot of down time, to reflect on my life and put my life in prospective. After a person gets in an accident like that, it changes you. I read this in church, it is part of a song, but don’t know who it belongs to. “There’s no shadow I won’t light up, no mountains I won’t climb and no walls I won’t kick down,” that is me. As long as I stay, off of ATV’s! That is when I decided 100 percent, that I was going back to school.
I have always loved art, and I have drawn ever since I can remember. Painted for the last 10-15 years. Leonardo Da Vinci is my favorite, not mainly because of his art, but his art and life story combined. I am a naturalism, when it comes to art. I enjoy photography, which I really, did not know how much, until I took a photography class, back in November. When I started school last June at the Art Institute, I started with Graphic Design and after taking a photography class in November. I fell in love with it, and changed my degree to photography, with no regrets. My only regret is not looking into the school that I had chosen, a little deeper and probably would have seen some red flags. Things happen for a reason, and I believe that was the case with the Art Institute closing.
I now have a year experience with Photoshop and Lightroom. With that said, I think I passed the rookie stage. In my free time I watch, Phlearn videos and Ben Long on I work right along with the videos. My favorite thing, that I have learned in photoshop from the Phlearn videos, is double exposure photos, it does not take a lot of time to learn. The photography classes I have had are, Principles of Photography, Digital Image Management, Image Manipulation, Photography and Design Fundamentals. I did start a Post Production class but it only lasted 2 days when the school closed. I had Post Production and Lighting 1 at RMCAD the last session of classes, and to be honest, I learned more from that class, then all Art Institute’s classes combined. Funny how things happen. I believe it had to do, with the phenomenal Professor I had.
With my long history of drawing, painting and photography. I believe photography is the perfect choice. I am very excited to keep learning about photography. The experience I have in photography is that, I have taken senior pictures for a handful of kids, and right now landscape photography is my favorite. I could drive around all day and take pictures. If only you could get payed to do that. Peter McKinnon is my photographic inspiration and love his work. He is a great You tube teacher too. I have learned a lot on my down time, from Peter McKinnon in the last year. My end goal is to own my own photography shop. I am looking forward to, learning along with everyone in the class.
I just started shadowing a photographer in town. My opinion, she is the best at her craft. I have learned so much from her, lighting, composition, posses, and much more.
The only kind of lighting experience I have is outdoor photography using ambient light. She will be teaching more, on indoor lighting this week. I struggle with settings too, but I’m starting to connect the dots. In my post production class. I struggle with indoor lighting, and have no experience using indoor lighting. I have all the equipment me for indoor lighting, which is still packed in a box. It contains 3 impact Vc500WLN lights and have multiple umbrella lights. No idea how to use any of them. I am hoping with this class I can finally put them to use.
While doing some research on the inverse square, I always thought that the lighting, should be, at equal distance away from the subject. In the video, I watched about inverse square, on called “Moving Lights” by Richard Harrington Abba Shapiro. They explained, if your lights are not bright enough, move one closer. This will give your subject a soft shadow, on one side of there face. Another video I watched on, called “Using strobe power and the flash-to-subject distance,” by Brent Winebrenner, explained the inverse square law, saying, according to the inverse square law, the power of the light will be inversely proportional to the square of the distance. So, if we take a distance of 2 and square it, we get 4, the inverse of which would be ¼ or rather, a quarter of the original power – not half. Which this relates to the first video that I watched. What is Motivated Lighting and is there an associated mood? According to an article I read on Lighting can affect every part of a person’s day. When it’s raining outside and dark, how does that make you feel? Tired and lazy, I sometime feel anxious and bored. Same goes with, when it is sunny outside, I feel full of energy, happy and comfort. It all has to do with the lighting and how it affects your moods. Which this is associated with the last question, what moods are created using warm and cool colors? I watched a great video on this question, called, “Understanding Color Theory,” very interesting stuff.

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Ghansoli, Navi Mumbai 400-701, Maharashtra, India


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