Elis Regina Cardeal Nogueira

Elis Regina Nogueira was born in Campo Grande, MS_ Brazil on August 28, 1966.
Journalist, with Post Graduation in Social Communication, has his work focused on the production of images and audiovisual.
The fascination with the image took her as a teenager. First with the cinema and the magic of the experience of watching a movie in the dark room. Then with the still image. He has always enjoyed reading books and magazines. And the images he saw in the magazines provoked intense emotions and sensations in her.
His first experience in photography was with a Love, disposable camera and easy to handle. His first clicks were in the delightful baths in Rio Verde, a small town in the interior of Brazil, where he spent his childhood. Elis Regina was so enchanted by the magic of the image and was so curious about photography and her process that she dismantled the Love camera to see what was happening “inside the dark box.”
This interest in images made her attend the Faculty of Journalism and fall more in love with documentary and publicity photography. But today she considers herself a photographer in the first place, with journalism in the background.
At the beginning of his career the interest was in the search for photographic language as an artistic expression. In 1993, along with Vânia Jucá and Marcelo Marinho, he created the group Nec Plus X, already with the spirit of collective work, which today is configured not only in photography but also in several areas of creative production.
From these experiments, the result was 3 awards: 12th Arts Hall of MS, 1st Auto Portrait of Campo Grande, 5th Arts Hall of Dourados, and selection in The 34th International Student Salon Photo Hong Kong Album, using the technique of Light Painting .
In 2002 he created the project “Our Look – Photography for Citizenship” with the photographer Vânia Jucá, with the aim of providing children and adolescents in situations of exclusion with a contact with the photographic language and expression through the image. Approximately 450 young people participated in the four editions of the project.
For 12 years Elis Regina was a professor of photography at Uniderp, University of the Pantanal that today is called Uniderp Anhanguera. And because he is very fond of sharing his knowledge, he teaches Photography workshops in Film Festivals and Cultural Projects.

His company EV Images and Watch films is focused on the production of institutional, corporate, publicity, documentary photography and also in the audiovisual and still film production. But there is an area of ​​advertising photography that is your passion: the gastronomy and also the food styling. He has taken several specialization courses in photography of gastronomy and a Professional Course of Chef de Cuisine.

Elis Regina believes that today the professional has to be attentive, with eyes and minds open to the world, researching about art, design, style, life and new technologies, but never lose its essence, its delicacy.
She believes in the pleasure of each photo. Every look.
In the pleasure of surprise. Accomplish.
In the pleasure of discovering new partners.
In the pleasure of doing what you like.
And to do well done.
And what comes is a consequence of this belief
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Best Achievements & Exhibitions
1993 1 Salão de Arte Fotográfica de Campo Grande – NEC PLUS X
1993 5 Salão de Artes de Dourados -NEC PLUS X
1994 Mostra de Fotografia do Centro Cultural José Octávio -Coletiva
1994 2 Salão de Arte Fotográfica de Campo Grande – Coletivo
1995 VIII Salão de Artes Plásticas MS – NEC PLUS X
1995 Exposição de Fotos Elis Nogueira e Vânia Jucá- Sesc
1995 Exposição Fotográfica Série Ofício – Elis Nogueira e Vânia Jucá – TRT
1996 Retratos do Tempo -UFMS
1996 Exposição Coletiva – Mulheres nas Artes Visuais – MARCO
1997 Mostra de Artes Visuais – Festival Latino Americano de Arte e Cultura-Corumbá – MS
Coletiva – Dia Internacional da Mulher – Centro Cultural Octávio Guizzo
1999 Retratos do Tempo – SEMA
Coletiva – Dia Internacional da Mulher – Centro Cultural José Octávio Guizzo
2000 Exposição 12º Salão de A0rtes MS – Palácio Popular da Cultura
2001 Exposição Coletiva “Mulheres em Movimento”- Centro Cultural José Octávio Guizzo
2001 Exposição “Flores e Objetos “ – Galeria da TV Educativa_ MS
2001 Exposição “Campo Grande através das lentes dos fotógrafos” – MIS
2001 Exposição “Dia da consciência negra” – MIS
2002 Semanarte – Sebrae
2003 Exposição Individual “ Um olhar sobre a cidade” – Galeria Biblioteca Uniderp
2004 Exposição “ Infância nas Furnas do Dionízio” – Evento Cabeça Pantanal – Uniderp
2000 Coletiva “ Mulheres” Shopping Campo Grande – Revista VIP
2001 Coletiva “ Campo Grande” – MIS
2002 Exposição Individual “Paisagens de Luz” – Barzin
2007 Exposição Artistas Regionais – 8º Festival de Bonito
2007 Exposição Coletiva Campo Grande – Unimed
2008 Exposição lançamento livro de poesia Outros Sentidos de Vitor Barone –MARCO
2008 Exposição “Paisagens de Luz” no Jornalide – Uniderp
2009 Exposição “Paisagens de Luz “ – SIS LOUNGE – Maio
2010 Exposição “Olhar Guarani” Projeto Ava Marandu
2010 Exposição Curumins – Unipsico
2012 Exposição Coletiva dos Fotógrafos de Centro Oeste – Mês da Fotografia de Brasília
2013 Exposição Coletiva dos Fotógrafos de Centro Oeste – Mês da Fotografia de Brasília
2014 Exposição A Imagem do índio – Vídeo Índio Brasil – Brasilia DF
2015 Exposição A Imagem do índio – Vídeo Índio Brasil – Campo Grande MS
2016 Exposição “Mulheres Protagonistas da Nossa História_ Curadora_ Campo Grande MS
2017 Exposição Coletiva “Transoeste “_ Festival Foto em Pauta_ Tiradentes MG
2017 Exposição “Semana Mais Cultura”_ UFMS _ Campo Grande MS
2017 Exposição Coletiva “Semana de Fotografia”_ MIS _ Campo Grande MS
2018 Exposição Coletiva “Transoeste “_ Casa de Fotografia de Minas Gerais _ Belo Horizonte MG

1995 Catálago da Exposição Argila Mostra Pantanal – Funarte RJ
1995 The International Student Salon Photo Album -Hong Kong
1999 Campo Grande Imagens de um Século – participação especial
Revista Prosa – Fundação Manoel de Barros – Ensaio Fotográfico “Retratos do Tempo”
Livro Riso em Cena – Dez anos de estrada dos Parlapatões – Ed.Estampa
2006 Relatório Anual Secretaria de Educação MS
2007 Catálogo de moda Polo Nova Costura – SEBRAE -MS
2007 Livro Bebe Johnson 2007 – Editora
2000 Revista Agente – Coluna mensal Conteúdo Visual
2008 Livro Outros Sentidos de Vitor Barone
2008 Revista Piauí – Coluna Diário
2008 Revista Cultura em MS
2001 Relatório Anual FCMS
2002 Revista Cultura em MS
2003 2010 Revista Kasa
2011 Anuário Casa Cor MS
2011 Livro Vozes do Teatro
2011 Livro A Literatura de MS
2004 Catálogo Exposição Coletiva do Centro Oeste
2005 Revista Estilo Dhama- Especial Campo Grande
2013 Catálogo Exposição Coletiva do Centro Oeste
2015 Revista Kasa
2018 Revista Carcara Photo Art _ Edição 15 _ Edição Carcara On Line

Award Winner
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Fujifilm XT2 and XT3 ( with grip Fujifilm Vg-xt3 )

Lenses and Gears
Lenses: Lente Fujifilm Fujinon Xf60mm F2.4 R Macro , Fujifilm Xf 18-55mm F/2.8-4
Flash: Canon Speedlight 600EX , Godox AD 200
Tripod, heads: Manfroto 055XPROB with heand 324RC2, MeFoto A1350

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