Christophe Boch

My Name is Christophe Boch, knew also as “Thé Shooter” or “El Gato”, I’m a Real Street Hunter, but Sometimes I pratice also Fishing. All depend my Feeling. I’m 43 years Old and I’m also a Writer, that give me a good balance between my Light side and the Darkness of my Soul. I couldn’t say I decide or choose photography, It’s Art who choose me. I live actually in Strasbourg, France, but my Town IS Marseille. It’s in this City than I decide to trust really in my Photography and to let she Keep me to bring there I am actually. Professional Artist, I’m not Especialy running for Awards cause I Know my Real Value. I prefer teach during my Seminars or Master classes.

Best Achievements, Educational Background, and Exhibitions
Published 6 times in Pixel Photo Magazine
Many International Exhibitions in Roma, Milano, Miami soon and a lot in Cretia with my Official Partner and Sponsor World of Crete IKE

Select Art 2021-2022-2023 with World of Crete IKE
MoMA, villa of Art 2021
Fine Art 2021
Select Art 2022
Vivaf 2022 1st Edition
Select Art 2023
Vivaf 2023
La Mosta Di Roma 2023

Award Winner
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Camera Gears
Simple a Smartphone cause I’m a Street Hunter

Some of Christophe Boch’s Most Popular Award Achievements

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