Bahram Bayat

Bahram Bayat, born in Iran, calls Zanjan City his primary residence. With a bachelor’s degree in engineering, specializing in architecture, Bahram has cultivated a deep passion for social documentary photography. He finds immense joy in connecting with people and capturing their stories through his lens. Communication is not just a skill for Bahram; it’s a profound source of fulfillment. His love for travel drives him to seize every opportunity to explore new places and cultures, cherishing each moment of discovery and pleasure along the way.

Current Location
Zanjan, Iran


Best Achievements & Exhibitions

Award Winner
Photo of the Day

Nikon D810 Body, Canon 6D Mark ||

Lenses and Gears
Lenses : Nikoor Lens 24-120f/4.0 , Lens 85 F/1.8 , Canon Lens 24-105 f/4.0 USM, Lens 85 f1/1.8
Tripod, heads: National Geographic, Manfrotto

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