Aaron Harris

I’ve spent the good majority of my life doing what’s necessary. Whats needed. Family to take care of, bills to pay, cars to repair. All things we have to contend with in our everyday lives. Pulling a 9-5er just to make those ends meet. Yet all the while completely disappointed as to where I spend most of my life away from the ones I love, doing something I do not love at all. I started photography about 3 years ago. Since that day I’ve had a fire and a growth of passion inside to continue and grow in this industry and fine tune my skill set as a photographer to be the best I can be. Working hard to not only be a great photographer in a single facet of the industry, but specialize in every aspect of shooting to capture and tell a story of whatever that subject may be. I hope you enjoy looking at my images as much as I love taking them.

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