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Chalk Flower, by Stephanie Gillis

Chalk Flower, by Stephanie Gillis

This photo was taken for my Photography class in High School. We had a project that called for a still life of our own creation. I like things made of rainbows and flowers and thought I could incorporate it well this way. It reminds me of being…
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White Summer, by Stephanie Gillis

I took this photo in the beginning of Summer. Summer is my favorite season and Daisy is, in my opinion, the symbol of new beginnings. The Summer I took this, I had just graduated High School and was looking forward to my new life. I had moved…
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Castle on the Water, by Stephanie Gillis

This photo was taken in an alley behind a castle looking building. I was walking down the streets of downtown Cincinnati, Ohio with my mother and little brother when I saw this wonderful photo opportunity. We were in Cincinnati looking into…
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