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Endless Joy by Nirupam RoyEndless Joy by Nirupam Roy

Endless Joy by Nirupam Roy

This photograph was taken in my school. It was the time of having mid-day meal, and the students were very eager to have their lunch. It was always in my mind to capture their jolly faces at that time, so on that day I brought my camera. Though it was not right to take camera in the school, but I took permission from the higher authority, and very cautiously took my desired shot from a distance.
Unnatural Sleep by Nirupam RoyUnnatural Sleep by Nirupam Roy

Unnatural Sleep by Nirupam Roy

The photograph was taken in my family trip to Puri, Orissa from where my keen interest in photography has started. I was there deserted by my wife and son because I was blamed for not giving enough time to them due to photography. They were even not willing to talk with me. Then suddenly the unnatural and unusual activities of these monkeys made their glum faces smiling, and ease up the situation. I took this shot among too many activities of those huge numbers of monkeys.
Thinking at the Sunset, by Nirupam Roy

Thinking at the Sunset, by Nirupam Roy

It was the end of the day. Returning from school, I went to the open balcony of my house with my previous cam Nikon D5000 to make some trial shots on different objects. There are so many common birds on our terrace. Suddenly the idea of taking…
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