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Blue Chicago by Olga KuleminaBlue Chicago by Olga Kulemina

Blue Chicago by Olga Kulemina

Usually, Chicago Union Station is a super busy and crowded place. Millions of commuters from all over the state cross this architectural gem. Daily, without any attention to unique detail. But at night, this place is colored with cosmic blue light that provides an experience of the parallel reality of the magic spaceship.
Night Lights by Olga KuleminaNight Lights by Olga Kulemina

Night Lights by Olga Kulemina

The nightlife of Miami Beach is full of colors, lights, and tastes. Neon lights are so attractive for tourists, like bright flowers for butterflies. The combination of emerald, purple, and orange colors on the canvas of the black south sky creates an association with modern trends in web design for game dev and crypto startups.
Camilo at the Amway Center by Jose Juniel Rivera-Negron

Camilo at the Amway Center by Jose Juniel Rivera-Negron

One of the most anticipated events at the Amway Center in Orlando, thousands of people waited for the entrance of the great singer Camilo. It felt the nerves of his fans yelling when he appeared in the dark playing the drums. While near the soundboard area with other great photographers enjoying and capturing these important moments. It was only for the first three songs; however, I captured the best images which will mark the beginning of a story.
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