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Okroshka by Natalia ZotovaOkroshka by Natalia Zotova

Okroshka by Natalia Zotova

This photo was made in a restaurant in Koh Samui, Thailand. The dishes were from different cousins - Russian, Mediterranean, American. But the main ingredient was smoked meat. They had special smokers. They invited me to shoot dishes for the menu. I spent 5 days shooting. I used natural light, reflectors, black panels and a tripod. Unfortunately, I don't have raw photo and I don't know EXIF information.
Fruit Roll by Natalia ZotovaFruit Roll by Natalia Zotova

Fruit Roll by Natalia Zotova

It is an assorted dehydrated fruits in dark chocolate. My friend has a small business with handicraft chocolate products on a small island in Thailand. And she asked me to take photos of her products for social media. I found a black wooden table in her shop, a spot with good light at the entrance of her shop and we spent 3 days shooting the chocolate sweets.
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