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Freckled Beauty by Anastasia MarkusFreckled Beauty by Anastasia Markus

Freckled Beauty by Anastasia Markus

This portrait of a beautiful girl with freckles and red hair captivates with its piercing gaze. The black-and-white image adds elegance and mystery to this picture. The girl's gaze is filled with deep emotions, while the black-and-white palette accentuates her natural beauty and intensity.This portrait transports the viewer into a world of mystery and emotions, leaving an unforgettable impression of the girl's natural beauty.
Leaving a Smoke Trail by Leanne LindsayLeaving a Smoke Trail by Leanne Lindsay

Leaving a Smoke Trail by Leanne Lindsay

The roar of the engines was almost deafening as the Red Devils tore into the sky at the V8 Supercars event at Eastern Creek! These pilots are true masters of their craft. I knew I had to capture some of the action on camera. This photo captures the Red Devils in a tight formation, their shapes form a streak against the bright blue sky. But what really caught my eye were the smoke trails left behind them. The sunlight hit them at just the right angle, making them glow. It almost looked like they were painting brushstrokes across the vast canvas of the sky. The way the light interacts with the smoke creates a sense of movement and dynamism in the photo. You can almost feel the power and precision of the Red Devils' flight as they perform their daring maneuvers. This photo is a reminder of the awe-inspiring beauty that can be found in the world of aviation. It was an incredible experience to witness these skilled pilots in action, and I'm so glad I was able to capture a piece of the magic!
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