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Photo of the day 25062010

From the Diary of Professor Shonku

What if the great Professor Shonku wrote in his diary about Bangladesh, and how it would be like…. January 8, I arrived in Bangladesh this morning. Yesterday after lunch, Abinash babu and I started for Dhaka. In the evening we reached…
Photo of the day 25062010

Aquatic Life by Mostafa Monwar

Into the world’s largest estuarine delta Bangladesh, the rivers are fairly flat and split into hundreds of branches before reaching the Bay of Bengal. Here fishing is part of everyday lifestyle. People living beside the waterways use many…
Photo of the day 18062010

The Unnoticed Messiah, by Mostafa Monwar

There are ordinary people around us who do things that sometimes seem extra ordinary. Seeing this man running on the beach looked like he was running on top of the water, as if he was the unnoticed messiah of our time. Award Winner: Photo…
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