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Pillars of the Mind, by Liesl Cheney

The Moroccan architecture is fascinating. The use of symmetry and geometric shapes is fantastic and a real treat for the wondering photographer. This building, the El Bhahia Palace is beautifully decorated and a treat to explore. I tried to…
Photo of the day 07082011

Secrets of the Soul by Liesl Cheney

This photo, "Secrets of the Soul", was taken whilst I was on holiday in Marrakesh. My husband and I were sitting in a cafe drinking mint tea overlooking the Jamaa el Fna, the main square in Medina. The square is full of life and soul, and I…
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Hidden Dreams by Liesl Cheney

This is a great little candid shot "Hidden Dreams" that I took while exploring Marrakech. The city is so full of little nooks and crannies, you never know who is watching you. This lady was a bit off the beaten tourist track, selling woven bags down a side street.