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Tulips by Ana Sylvia EncinasTulips by Ana Sylvia Encinas

Tulips by Ana Sylvia Encinas

Tulips, my favorite flowers, not very available where I live. I made this photo in studio, used long exposure and small aperture for better color quality and sharpness. Waited for a couple of days after I bought them, to photograph them with a not-too-vertical pose, so the image feels more dynamic. I like the way they look here, as if they were slowly dancing, with union and harmony, like a family.
The Window, by Ana Sylvia Encinas

The Window, by Ana Sylvia Encinas

While on a trip to Guaymas, Mexico, I drove by this old Hacienda, and this particular window caught my attention, because the whole place is pretty much in ruins, but this stand out there, all colorful, shaded by the tree beside it. The geometry…
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