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Scholarships and Grants(c) Light & Composition University

Scholarships and Grants

As one of the first non-profit online universities, we are committed to affordability. For every donation we received, from a variety of sources, including direct contributions, endowment funds, revenues from our majors, diplomas, courses, awards, and publications, we give it back as scholarships and grants. In fact, we make sure almost all our students receive some form of aid that they need most.
Light & Composition University(c) Light & Composition University

Light & Composition University Press Journal

The aim of our university press journal publication is to give the opportunity to academics, scholars, students, and practitioners to publish their research works. It is not only for the field of art, photography or different visual media, but also for every academic or scholarly discipline that broadens our horizon of knowledge including education, mass communication, social economics, cultural issues, comparative religion, language and linguistics, business, and management.