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Photo of the day 24032012

Wagasa by Jose Manuel Renteria Cobos

A Wagasa, is a traditional Japanese umbrellas. It is made of bamboo and Washi, a Japanese paper. It is delicately collapsible inward with its elaborate open-close movement. The Wagasa I captured here is just one kind of the hundreds of verities…
Photo of the day 19062011

Brothers by Jose Renteria

They are Emiliano and Nicolás, they share parents a house and a life as well as many other things, this day a shark was going to show up and they were just waiting anxious for it, the aquarium was dark and a ray of sunlight illuninated the…
Photo of the day 13062011

Michinoku, by Jose Renteria

Michinoku is a natural park in the Tohoku region of Japan, the tulips I captured here are just a minimal part of the hundreds of thousands of flowers you can enjoy during the spring season in Japan, a place you can´t miss if you visit north…
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