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From Graveyard to Playland by Aakash GulzarFrom Graveyard to Playland by Aakash Gulzar

From Graveyard to Playland by Aakash Gulzar

In this photo, a boy stands beneath a tree, surrounded by his friends playing in what used to be a nearby graveyard. They have transformed it into a playground. The scene captures their unique and imaginative use of the space, where laughter and games replace the somberness of the past. The image portrays a contemplative sense of sadness through the boy standing beneath the tree, while his friends provide a contrasting element of joy and playfulness. It symbolizes a juxtaposition of emotions, where the boy's reflective demeanor contrasts with the lightheartedness and laughter displayed by his companions.
Majestic Flock by Aakash GulzarMajestic Flock by Aakash Gulzar

Majestic Flock by Aakash Gulzar

A breathtaking climb in the lap of nature. This photo "Majestic Flock" was taken during the Great Lakes trek near Vishunsar Lake, shows a magnificent group of sheep steadily moving uphill. The strong contrasts in the image bring out the rugged beauty of the mountains that surround them, with their towering peaks reaching for the sky. It captures the peaceful coexistence of humans, animals, and the vastness of the great outdoors.
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