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The Golden Arches, by Ahmed Al.Badawy


Artists put so much of effort in designing interiors, I've seen and observe, even in the small mosque; one gets to see little pieces of artistry. Artist do this by heart to design their religious places with best of their skills. Many visitors see and admire the beauty, only few of them go deeper and think about how many people have put in the effort to complete. Often it takes years to finish it with complete design.
Truck Driver, by Benjamin Lee(c) Light & Composition

Skiing World

Have I ever experienced skiing? Well, I haven't even seen anyone doing it yet, but I was very close to experience, I'll tell you how. Once few friends and I went to the only skiing spot in the country. As we were going there for the first time, we didn't know the exact route to it. We lost the way and came back. When we looked at the map afterwards, we found out that we traveled nearly 800 km and missed the place by few. It was very disappointing.
Camel Since 1913, by Ali Berrada(c) Light & Composition

Desert Life

Desert life may seems exciting to those, who haven't experienced or lived there. People love to explore and reach out to unseen places, so am I. After my journey to one of the deserts in my country, I have added so much into my life experiences. Inhabitants of desert can tell better about it.
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