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Tomatoes Au Gratin by Luca CorsettiTomatoes Au Gratin by Luca Corsetti

Tomatoes Au Gratin by Luca Corsetti

One of my clients have products like breadcrumbs. When thinking about that campaign i wanted to show a concept of healty lifestyle, freshness, spring athmosphere. According with the client we decided to put some different tomatoes 'cause their colours, basil, chili peppers, some wooden prop to obtain a genuine mood. Topdown shot to enhance geometrical aspect of breadcrumbs.
Flying Strawberries by Luca CorsettiFlying Strawberries by Luca Corsetti

Flying Strawberries by Luca Corsetti

Image was taken in 2022 during an openday about the creative food photography. In that occasion i needed something simple but eyecatching so i used a nylon transparent string to pierce strawberries, with some rubber stopper to keep them in place and then suspended on the dish. after positioning 2 lights then just a click to achieve the shot, a bit post-production to image and here it is
Camouflage by Giulia AvonaCamouflage by Giulia Avona

Camouflage by Giulia Avona

Cute little ducklings hiding in plain sight, perfect example of camouflage, they were probably waiting for the mother's return, we felt so lucky to have noticed them. The area is the Mincio River once again in Northern Italy province of Mantova, rich in biodiversity and ducklings during the spring season
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