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The journey of Photo of the Day is endless, from one continent to the next, a journey that gives one an understanding of people, nature, and culture. We believe, when one feels it from the heart and captures the moment with their camera, it becomes iconic, which is special to share with the whole world. Let’s share it with others.

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Timeless Beauty by Junita Haryati(c) Light & Composition University
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Timeless Beauty by Junita Haryati

The model of this photo is the elder sister of my mother-in-law. In Javanese languange we called her "Bu'De". This photo was taken on 01 January, 2019, before our family lunch at Sentul, West Java Indonesia. Actually we want to have a coffee…
Cimin the Cat by Junita Haryati(c) Light & Composition University
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Cimin the Cat by Junita Haryati

This pic was taken at my home in Indonesia. Cimin is my neighbour cat whom I feed since she was a kitten. And now she always come to my home if she wants to eat and play. She also loves to sleep at my bed. Cimin is the cute cat and became a…
The Stallholder Girl by Ryszard Wierzbicki(c) Light & Composition University
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The Stallholder Girl by Ryszard Wierzbicki

I took this photograph at the Benoa Port in Bali, Indonesia. As in almost every place in South East Asia, children are engaged in gainful work. They usually sale handicrafts, snacks, or drinks. Sometimes they also earn some pocket money by posing…