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Siri-Paye, by Imran Dawood(c) Light & Composition University

Flowers on Hill Top

This photograph of a hill top was taken by Imran Dawood, which shows flowers on top of the hill with background of mountains. The photographer took the photo in a hurry, before the rain. It reminds me of our hill top ride during the tour, that we were unable to take picture of flowers on the way.

Taobat, by Imran Dawood

Kel is about 155 km from Muzaffarabad in 2200 meters altitude ,to get here it takes about 10 hours 4WD driving on the mountain road which is under construction by Chinese a Gift for Pakistanis People and main street in Kel on one side and a…
Photo of the day 16062011

The Naked Mountain, by Imran Dawood

Nanga Parbat which mean Naked Mountain, is 26,660 ft (8126 m) in W Himalayas. It is also known as Killer Mountain because of so many deaths to reach its summit. A really rare view. You have to wait days to see the mountain peek out of clouds.…
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