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Photo of the day 03012012

Journey to remember

Future is always behind the mist, its unknown and mysterious, but the path lies ahead of us and we venture through. Life is long journey full of adventures, we set up destinations, and we make our way through hurdles. The goal is essential,…
Photo of the day 03012012

Going to Work, by Hirak Ghosh

This shot was taken at my village.It was a foggy morning.I was just walking through the village path,as i saw the fog i just took my camera with me.During my walk i saw these farmers were going to their filed for daily work.They were going through…
Photo of the day 03122011

Innocent Looks, by Hirak Ghosh

This photograph was taken at Canning, West Bengal. It was my first major outdoor shoot with some of my senior photographers whom I do respect a lot.Watching these little children playing with each other reminded me of my childhood days. Award…