Eagle Hunters by Shirren Lim(c) Light & Composition University
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Eagle Hunters by Shirren Lim

This photo was taken in 2017 when I went to visit Mongolia. We met this family of eagle hunters at Modon Hoshoo, Saksai Village in Western Mongolia. This is a picture taken up in the mountains in Western Mongolia. We went up the mountains for…
An Old Woman by Shirren Lim(c) Light & Composition University
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An Old Woman by Shirren Lim

We went to visit the Duong Lam Ancient Village in Hanoi to visit one of the most beautiful ancient villages in Hanoi. We met this old lady and her family who kindly invited us into her home for tea. After chatting with her, I asked whether I…
Hanoi Bearer by Ryszard Wierzbicki(c)
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Hanoi Bearer by Ryszard Wierzbicki

To find in Hanoi a peaceful and calm place is not very easy. However, a profound photographer could find situations, which are a compromise in between rush and tranquility. The one presented on this photo is such an example.The characteristic…