Are You in the List of Top 100 Photographers?

If you are in the list of top 100 photographers or want to join this most exclusive list, then there are 7 criteria that help you get enlisted or a higher position. Based on these 7 criteria, we developed an algorithm that ranks photographers. From the 11th to the 100th position, the ranking changes monthly; and based on all the monthly data, the top 10 positions change semiannually.

Submitting Your Genuine Works to Get High Score from Our Jury

The first 2 criteria for getting in to the list involve submitting your genuine work of art for our most prestigious photography award.

Winning Photo of the Month and Photo the Day

The next 2 criteria for getting into the list involve how many times a photographer wins the most anticipated Photo of the Month as well as Photo of the Day.

Participation and Contribution

Sharing the work is an integral part of art that will never become passé, and this is what makes art where it is now, and Light & Composition is not an exception.