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15092012 1s

Landslide Zone, by Shikchit Khanal

To get to Heaven's Lake, one must first pass through this dangerous landslide area in the Manang District of Nepal. It took some time to build up the courage to get to the other side, but I knew what beauty awaited me once I reached the other…
10092012 1s

Flow of Life, by Shikchit Khanal

Beauty surrounds the Manang Village of Nepal. A winding river leads the way into the village providing pure water to the villagers. Upon arriving near this river, listening to the waters flow in this pure land, my heart felt free as I continued…
Photo of the day 10062011

Himalayan Tree, by Magda Biskup

This photo was taken during amazing trek around Annapurna in Nepal. The trek is 230km long and takes about 2 weeks to complete. The views on the way are spectacular - snow-capped peaks, picturesque villages, beautiful plants are seen every day. Award…