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The Most Frequently Asked Questions.

We at Light and Composition want to thank you for showing interest in our books, magazines, and the most prestigious award. Here are the answers of most frequently asked questions we get every day.

What is the meaning of “completely unaltered”?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the word unaltered means remaining the same; unchanged. Then you need to add the word “completely”, which means totally; utterly. For this award, a photograph should be straight out of your camera. Even when we mention completely unaltered, this often does not make any sense for many, as they are lured into the world of post-processing to such an extent that they cannot understand that it is possible to take a good photograph without doing any alteration. So for these people, we mean a photograph without doing any post adjustment, brightness, saturation, contrast, white balance, and so, not even minor ones. For some, it is also hard to grasp the concept of photography standards.