Exploring Islamic Photography

Unfold the Key to the Mystery of Our Existence

There are many ways to see, many ways to understand this world – this universe, the creation of the Almighty, the Most Gracious, and the Most Merciful. In each person’s life there comes a moment, when the person is yearning to know the origin, looking for the very concept which holds the key to the mystery of our existence.

From the most advance scientific understanding

to a highest level of logical explanation of our life in this universe,

from the oneness of Almighty Allah to the accountability in the hereafter, and from the divine unaltered word of Almighty – the Quran, to His direct message in it for all of mankind, making them aware of His plan of creation, it is Islam that unfolds those mysteries with clear undeniable signs.

From the authentic teaching by His last and final messenger Mohammad (PBUH), to the history of His previous messengers with evidence, who were sent for a particular time and nation, amongst them are Adam, Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David, John the Baptist, and Jesus (May peace be on them all), it is the complete way of life, by submitting to Almighty with peace and tranquility.

Science is based on proven facts, not some theories of random few. And Islam is the only scientific religion that explains the fact, from the creation of this universe, the Big Bang, formation of earth, to the moment man put his foot on this planet, and how it will end. Time, relativity, expanding of universe, molecular physics, details of human embryology and its each stage in the womb, reason behind the creation of different races and tribes are among just few. If your knowledge is limited, please leave this field for those who have it, but always respect their work.

Step into the World of Islamic Photography

Into the Teachings of Islam to Live and Lead Life

This segment of photography requires a highest level of knowledge. If a person does not have the up to date knowledge of science, along with knowledge of comparative religion, then it might become a complete unknown segment for that person. For those who study and understand, Islam is not only a religion; rather it is part of one’s daily life. One obeys the teachings of Islam, to live and lead life. And Islamic Photography is that special segment to understand that vividly.