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Land's End, by Jabbar Jamil

Land’s End, by Jabbar Jamil

Land's end is a well-known clifftop headland that features walking trails & sweeping ocean views. I was amazed by the view from top of the hill, but went down the hill to find something more interesting for the photograph. I kept taking…
Taking Off, by Jabbar Jamil

Taking Off, by Jabbar Jamil

I took this photograph during our trip through different beaches in Cornwall, United Kingdom. This pathway between rocks was excellent to photograph. This bird took the place of focal element in the frame. I shot this photo with fixed focal…
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Through the Eyes of Aidan, by Keith Riley

This photograph was taken with a Nikon D70 and 70-300mm lens, providing the lovely shallow depth of field and isolating the subject from the background. The arbitrary crop draws you into the subjects eyes, which are the main focus in the image…