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Photo of the day 05052011

Blue, by Christopher Utano

This image was taken using a light box, Nikon 60 mm macro lens and 1 strobe. My emphasis was to bring out the detail in the texture of the flower as well as keep the pistols in focus. To achieve this I used a high f stops for max DOF. Award…
Photo of the day 21032011side

Look at Me, by Kurien Koshy Yohannan

I captured this shot at a bi-annual Flower Show that is held in Bangalore, India. As I was walking along looking for subjects to photograph I noticed this particular flower illuminated by a ray of sunlight almost singling it out from the crowd…
Photo of the day 21122010 1

Vanuatu Butterfly, by Stefanie Laroussinie

From the rainforest to the white beaches, these butterflies bring striking color and complement the beautiful flower species can be found in throughout Vanuatu. Award Winner: Photo of the Day | December 21 Photo of the Day Award Category:…
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