Application and Candidacy Status

Your Job Application Has Successfully Been Submitted.

The application has successfully been submitted to our department of career development, who will review your information and your given worthy cause of why you are the right photographer for this job.

If approved, we will email you back in the next 7-14 days. Please keep in mind that the demand for working with us is very high and if the requirements do not meet, we will give it to the next possible candidate. Make sure you have completed all these important steps mentioned below, which showcase your level of expertise to compete with our students and other candidates.

Make Sure You Have Completed These Steps

These important steps will make sure your level of expertise, to compete with our students and other candidates.

Step 1: Registered Yourself as Photographer
We are giving you 14 days free access to the most prestigious photography award. Our international jury of professionals are delighted to review your work. Click Here to get the access.

Step 2: Create Your Photographer’s Profile
Please visit the “Photographer’s Profile Page” and create your profile. Do follow all the instructions given on that page, and fill it up with your correct up-to-date genuine information.

Step 3: Apply for an International Press Card
International Press Card, issued by Light & Composition University, gives our journalists privileged access to media events and provides instant confirmation that the bearer is a working journalist, who is committed to ethical standards and solidarity between media professionals. Click Here to apply.

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