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Shadow Boy by Arif Hossain SayeedShadow Boy by Arif Hossain Sayeed

Shadow Boy by Arif Hossain Sayeed

In the constellation of family bonds, he shines as a cherished star, my cousin. With shared memories woven into the fabric of our lives, he stands as a beacon of kinship and understanding. Through laughter and tears, triumphs and trials, our connection deepens, rooted in the soil of shared experiences. Together, we navigate the journey of life, hand in hand, knowing that in each other, we find solace and strength. As the chapters of our lives unfold, he remains a constant presence, a pillar of support and love in the grand narrative of family.
Tyre Boy by Arif Hossain SayeedTyre Boy by Arif Hossain Sayeed

Tyre Boy by Arif Hossain Sayeed

In the rustic charm of village life, where laughter dances with the breeze, the bike tire becomes more than just rubber and metal. For the village boys, it transforms into a symbol of boundless imagination, a vessel for dreams to take flight. With every spin and whirl, it becomes a chariot racing through the fields, a steed galloping across the open plains. In their hands, it embodies adventure and freedom, a timeless reminder that joy can be found in the simplest of toys amidst the tapestry of rural serenity.
Chahar-Bakhtiari Folk by Hadi NavidChahar-Bakhtiari Folk by Hadi Navid

Chahar-Bakhtiari Folk by Hadi Navid

Chahar mahal and Bakhtiari Province in located on South Central of Iran. It is very famous for the nice climate and more than that for nomads with a life based on annual migration. During winter they settle in Khuzestan Province which is warm but during Spring and Summer they live in Chahar mahal and Bakhtiari; And here is where they have their marriage ceremonies. I took this image from a father who’s son was going marry very soon.
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