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The Hunter, by Mai Phuong Duong

Our early trip in the morning to catch the sunrise turned out to be a disappointment as it was very cloudy and the sun was nowhere to be seen. However, on the way back, we witnessed a misty and beautiful scenery of the tea plantation. My husband…
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Curvy Tea, by Greg Goodman

While backpacking through Malaysia, I managed to break the world’s largest flower, get a self-diagnosed case of swine flu and take a tour BOH Tea Plantation in Tana Rata. With a sea of green tea fields and spots of workers’ heads stretching…
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Garden of Bliss, by Vijaya Sri Sanjevi

Cameron Highlands is the smallest district in Pahang, Malaysia. From strawberry farms to tea plantations, butterfly parks to the mossy forest, Cameron Highlands has it all. It’s a paradise that still maintains the charm of an English village.…