Softness by Natalia Slovinska

Early on a summer morning, I took my 15-year-old camera. The garden lured me with flowers of various kinds. There was subtlety and simplicity. I always give myself enough time, nothing forces me to take perfect photos. Neither my ego, nor the best technique, nor the award. Sometimes, less is more. I only enjoy the moment when I see it and perceive it and later pass it on to others. You can learn to take pictures well, but you can’t learn to feel them.

OLYMPUS SP350 | Exposure 1/60sec @ f/4 | ISO 50 | Focal Length 8mm

Softness by Natalia Slovinska

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March 30, 2023



Value 12
Clarity 12
Composition 18
Style 12
Skill 11

Born in Slovakia, Natalia Slovinska is currently living in the Netherlands. As a child she was surrounded by amateur photographers, but it was only years later when she bought her first camera. Way back she knew she has ability to see and sense things around her differently. Music, visual arts and nature help her to perceive the world around. Natalia is always open to learn new things however in photography she relies more on her intuition than on technical knowledge, that leads her to trying all possibilities.

Current Location
Maastricht, Netherlands


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