City Park Denver at Sunrise by Zara Otaifah

Heading over to the City Park in Denver is one of my favorite weekend routines. I grabbed my camera at 4:00 am in the morning to catch up on the sunrise. Colorado is known for its colorful sky at both sunrise and sunset. The golden rising sun rays were reflecting on the boathouse windows in a beautiful way. I then took a jog knowning that I had great weekend memories stored on my mind and great sunrise pictures saved on my camera.

Fujiflim X-T3 | ISO 80 | Exposure f/10 @ 1/2sec | Focal Length 24mm

Award Winner
Photo of the Day

Award Date
May 31, 2021



Value 13
Clarity 13
Composition 18
Style 12.5
Skill 12.5

Photograph Location
Colorado, the United States

Zara Otaifah is a local photographer based in Denver, Colorado. United States. She has been Photographing Portraits and event photography for 5 years now. She has passion for all kind of photography. Travel and landscape and other type of photography like Architecture and food photography. She worked as an Artist/Mentor in Picture Me Here, in 2017. She produced her first storytelling project ” Autism Mom Behind The Camera ” and other photography projects like ” Dear Younger Me Here” both were exhibited in Colorado Photographic Art Center, RedLind Gallery, the Rocky Mountains College of Art and design and Wolverine Farm Venue in Fort Collins and lately in the grant makers and funders of the Art at the Lighthouse Writers Workshop in Denver. She also exhibited her photographs at RMIAN Immigrant Liberty Awards Nights. In that same year she was part of the Denver Month of Photography had one of her pieces presented by The Big Picture Gallery. The most expensive key gear she claims to be using in her work was and has been “PASSION” and “PASSION ONLY”.

Current Location
Colorado, United States



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