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Photo of the day 27112010

The Birds by Adam Foster

I took a wobbly walk out on this wooden dock over Lake Rotorua to get some shots of a cluster of Seagulls. They sat watching fishermen stood neck deep in water casting lines, waiting eagerly for any cast off's. Taken at Lake Rotorua, North Island,…
Photo of the day 15102010

The Beginning of the End by Adam Foster

I took a long brave walk into the winter hills battling freezing cold temperatures and 2ft snow drifts, to photograph The Singing Ringing Tree. A wind powered musical sculpture set in the landscape of the Pennine mountain range overlooking Burnley,…
Photo of the day 11102010

Undiscovered Paradise by Adam Foster

Island rock formations at Wharariki Beach, Golden Bay, South Island, New Zealand, taken while on a road trip back in February 2010. Possibly my favourite place in the world, stunning and beautiful. A real undiscovered paradise. Award Winner:…
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