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Photography is an art that pleases us with its uniqueness. It follows trends, and with each new trend, revitalizes a new dimension.
The moment we share this art, others are invited to recognize the imagery, which seeks a response. Sharing this work is an integral part of art that will never become passé; this is what makes Light & Composition special. Together with the photographer, we share the genuine work of art to vast audiences.

Across the Alley, by Mohammad Saiful Islam
The Black Creasted Bulbul, by Masudur Rahman
Winds of Change, by Sanjoy Sengupta
Life and the Sea, by Mohammad Saiful Islam
Checkmate, by Sanak Roy Choudhury
Reborn, by Sanjiban Ghosh
A Simple Life, by Shahnaz Parvin
The Greater Racket-tailed Drongo, by Masudur Rahman
Descending Dragon Bay, by Sanjoy Sengupta
The House Sparrow, by Masudur Rahman
Run for Dominance, by Sanak Roy Choudhury
Our Shadows Belong to Us, by Mohammad Saiful Islam
Folding a Robe, by Ryszard Wierzbicki
The Greater Yellownape, by Masudur Rahman
Frames within the Frame, by Mohammad Saiful Islam
A Young Monk, by Ryszard Wierzbicki
Living the Life, by Mohammad Saiful Islam
The House Crow, by Masudur Rahman
The Cable Bridge, by Sanjoy Sengupta
When There Is Love - Life Begins, by Zahraa Al Hassani

The great artician of moment

Total Social Media Reach

There are hundreds of ways to present one’s work to the vast audience, but in this era of information highways, there is no better way other than sharing in social media. This is the place where people share what they value most, which is poles apart typical media; here, one can experience the result almost instantly. Pioneering social media strives to make the world more open and connected. Some interactive ones truly help others to share. We believe Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Google Plus, and Pinterest are among those few that change the way we share. Together, these social mediums make the lasting impact with a new dimension to remember.

the announcement diagram

the announcement that if crafted with care

When we announce an award in our vast social media, people interact with your work, which creates a virtual word of mouth. We believe each award has an organic content as it portrays your experience while you were taking that photograph. And in social media, organic content is the key to engage the large number of people. However, to make this successful and engage the maximum number of people, photographers must step forward to share and comment when we highlight new photographs and articles.

Just like the real world, this needs involvement to build relationships with people who like your work, and is why we call this social decision. By sharing, liking, tweeting or stumbling upon, the decision is made to share an artist’s work with friends, family, and co-workers in an extended world, which spreads the tentacles of social media.

Light & Composition’s intention when designing the Photo of the Day award was social by design. Most essentially, 80% of the award’s marks are for the jury to decide, which ensures the standard that a photograph must achieve. However, 20% of the marks is in the hands of the contestant. How interactive the contestant is pushes the work to the next level, the much-anticipated Photo of the Month.

The remaining 20 marks include Facebook Share/Like = 5, Stumble Upon Organic View = 5, Tweets = 5, and Comments = 5. To achieve more views and comments, other social media and social bookmark sites such as Pinterest, 1+ in Google, Digg, and LinkedIn can also be used.

Typically, photographs that score 70-85 in total have the possibility to become the winner of Photo of the Month, First, Second, and Third-place. This aspect is what makes the equation reachable, especially for the photographs that score more than 60 out of 80 from our jury. Yes, you can become the winner, if you work hard and nurture the social relationship with people that like your work.

The great artician

Official Twitter

The way in which Facebook works makes it the #1 social site in the world. Not only does Facebook connect billions of people around
the world, but actually allows you to get feedback from the people in real-time, and provides the ability to iterate on the fly.


Each time someone interacts with your award that’s shared on your Facebook wall, this is published in the News Feed, and creates a vast virtual word of mouth in just over an hour or two. This is what makes Facebook the most effective medium for sharing the news of your award’s achievement.

This concept is similar to when we publish an award announcement on our Facebook page. People connected in our various Facebook pages can see our posts in their news’ feed; almost a million individuals! To achieve this we manually craft every award with Facebook Open Graph.

Typically, 500 to 1000 numbers of genuine Facebook Likes and Shares are good enough to get the full 5 marks from Facebook. If most of the contestants get Facebook likes near to 1000, then we calculate the mark for 1000.

The marks we award are (5 / highest number of Facebook Likes of the month) x number of Likes and Shares achieved for your Award. Suppose a photograph achieves a genuine 411 Likes from Facebook in that month, most of the contestants received a Like and Share that is near to 500. For that Photo of the Month, we set the highest number of Facebook Likes as 500; and this photograph received (5/500) x 411 = 4.11 out of 5 from Facebook.

There are a couple of easy steps for a contestant to achieve maximum marks from Facebook. As a photographer, you must become engaged with people that like your work, because together with our sharing and your engagement, people will remember your work in the future. Also share your award on your wall, or photo album with a caption, and by requesting your friends to “Like,” “Share,” and comment on your post.

Give appreciation to people who like and share on the post we announce for the award on our Facebook page; engage your friends to write on our post by sharing it. Next, tag your friends in our Facebook page by using your mobile device. When you and your friends write on that post in our Facebook page, this allows you to communicate with almost a million fans we now have on Facebook. Although please don’t do this in such a way that the post appears as spam because the Facebook Team is always working hard to create an authentic way to communicate with others; you should respect that.


Sharing in Twitter

Twitter provides some advantages over other social media as you can engage with people before they become your friend or follower of your
artistic work. Not only do people tweet and re-tweet, they do follow trending topic, give millions of twitter searches based on keywords,
or even pinpointing who is tweeting on a specific topic within 15 miles of a particular area code.


Light & Composition usually tweets an award announcement attached with popular Hashtags, which ensures anyone following the topic sees the tweet. This is a great way to reach millions of people who love photography, and drives an audience to discover and become familiar with your work.

All you need to do is re-tweet our tweet, and ask your friends and followers on Twitter to re-tweet the same. Simply because every award is manually crafted with twitter card that increases the number of people following twitter accounts through content attribution.

We typically set the maximum number of tweets and re-tweets for each award at 100-200. (5 / 200, or the maximum number of tweet contestants received in that month) x number of tweets received by your award = the score from Twitter.

Receiving close to 200 tweets is not very difficult to achieve. A photographer needs to create a Twitter account that looks sophisticated. So to do this, use a custom background design, provide a concise and descriptive bio with a whopping 160 characters, and a genuine profile picture…then start some great tweets!

You often need to tweet with your location, and participate with the top 10 most popular Hashtags listed on the right sidebar of your Twitter Homepage because people do want to see a person behind the profile. As mentioned, social media is all about engagement. People want to engage with other people, not just with automated tweets or bots.

Once you design your Twitter, the next step is to build a list of followers that love photography. You must follow photographers that have a 1:1 ratio of followers and following counts, as these photographers will follow you back when you follow. You can find these people very easily using Twitter’s “Who to follow,” or the Twitter search.

Also, create more engagement with these photographers by sending personalized direct messages as an invitation to see your artistic work. The fast and most authentic way to do this in just a few minutes is by using a Smart Phone with the native Twitter application.

Twitter Best Practice

Official Twitter

Facebook and Twitter can be the top social sites in the world. Although, for generating the maximum numbers of views, there is no other
bookmarking site that comes close to StumbleUpon. This is why we include organic StumbleUpon views to our award score.
Using StumbleUpon effectively could be your key turning point to becoming the next Photo of the Month winner.


The way in which StumbleUpon works, makes it the best among all other bookmarking sites such as Pinterest, Digg, and Reddit. When you and your friends give likes in the StumbleUpon bar, this places the award page into the StumbleUpon line-up. As other StumbleUpon users are randomly searching for new content on a specific topic using the Stumble button, any post in the line-up for that topic displays. This means you are presenting your award in front of 25 million StumbleUpon users, and more than 1.2 million StumbleUpon users that chose photography as their first topic of interest!

Typical real-time overview form Google Analytics after we share an Award in StumbleUpon.Total Social Media Reach

Of course, to make it in the priority line-up, a few premium members that have many followers need to Stumble a post, and we always do this for the winning photograph. We StumbleUpon the moment we announce the award, which is why you see good numbers of organic views in the StumbleUpon Share Box.

The secret of StumbleUpon’s success is providing great content, and your Photo of the Day is the best medium. Next, you need to start following StumbleUpon users with the same interest and within a few days these users will follow you back. A user-base plays a key role in Stumbled as this forum sees your contents the moment you click like; even before going to Stumble’s main line-up. You need to be an active user by regularly submitting unique sites or giving likes in the StumbleUpon bar.

Stumbleupon Best

For each award, we set the maximum number of organic view for each StumbleUpon at 10,000; (5 / 10,000 StumbleUpon organic views) x number of organic view received by your award = the score from StumbleUpon. A user that already likes more than 500 different webpages achieves approximately 500-1,000 organic views for each Stumble like content, in just a few minutes. This means that if 10-15 active StumbleUpon users like your award, you achieve the full five marks from Stumble. However, you do not need to wait for other StumbleUpon users to give likes. You and your friends can become active StumbleUpon users in just one week by using the site regularly.

Sharing in Twitter

Once you tweet, stumbleupon, and share on Facebook to your and others’ work, and make the first comments in other people’s awards, then know that
other photographers will also comment on your work. Photographers do remember who appreciates their work first, and when they see you receive
an award, they will come forward to express their opinion. You need to make your appearance to others without thinking if this will
be returned or not…the more open you are the more openness you will receive for sure!


Typically, we set the maximum number of subscribers’ comments to 100; (5 / 100 subscribers’ comments) x number of comments received by your award = the score from Comments. Together with our sharing, tweets, StumbleUpons, Pinterests, 1+ in Google, comments from our subscribers, and your engagement, people will remember you for a long time!