Southern Patagonian Fjords, by Nilla Palmer

This stunning but hostile end of the world captivates and holds you in awe of this region’s impossible beauty. Serene mist curls around the Southern Patagonian Fjords to create a mystical ambiance to mesmerize even the…

Puerto Eden Hamlet, by Nilla Palmer

Veiled amongst Patagonian Fjords and channels, this small hamlet known as Puerto Eden appears unexpectedly, enveloped by the dawn mist. Only accessible by boat, this town is one of Chile’s most isolated inhabited places.Award…

Abstract in Puerto Montt, by Cameron Cope

I spent a few days in and out of Puerto Montt as it is the home port of Agartha, aboard which I roamed the northern patagonian fjords with Carlos Lonza of Sailing Patagonia. In my spare time I managed to do a few photo-walks…