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Shares the Very Moments of Our Presence on This Earth

The journey of Photo of the Day is endless, from one continent to the next, a journey that gives one an understanding of people, nature, and culture. We believe, when one feels it from the heart and captures the moment with their camera, it becomes iconic, which is special to share with the whole world. Let’s share it with others.

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Balloons over Bagan, by Shirren Lim

One of the many highlights of my trip to Myanmar was taking the time to go on a hot air balloon rider over Bagan. Being up in the air and watching the sun rise over thousands of ancient Bagan pagodas is something I will remember…

Musings from a Burmese Tea House, by Shirren Lim

I stopped by this local tea house for a bit of break. While taking in the lazy afternoon, I noticed the sunlight falling on this local man and without realizing I had taken several shots of him with the sunlight spilling…

Sticks and Stones, by Shirren Lim

While on a recent trip back to Penang Island, I decided to spend my days scouting for old abandoned jetties. I found this structure of sticks and stones at one of the many fishing villages dotting the coast of Penang.Award…